About Leslie


Meet Leslie DeAthe, Beaded Jewelry Artist


Leslie began her creative journey a couple of decades ago.  Starting with quilting, Leslie dabbled in many different textile techniques including art quilts, felting and crochet.  She also tried painting with inks, acrylics, and water colours.  This diverse exploration of art helped Leslie develop a sense of design and a good appreciation of colour.  She continues to play with new techniques, new materials, and the latest in bead shapes and sizes.

Leslie's artistic journey took an abrupt turn when she stumbled across handwoven beaded jewelry!  It was love at first sight - these lovely beads provided the chance to play with colour, design, and texture all at once. Now it's nothing but needle and thread and little tiny beads!

DeAthe neckwear closeup

Leslie started out as a city girl, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and then spending 25 years in Toronto, Ontario, doing the "career thing".  A desire for more peaceful surroundings,  less concrete, and a closer community, Leslie (and her husband) moved to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Living on a small island offers all the things Leslie needs to thrive!


Leslie and her husband now live on a small farm on Salt Spring Island, and grow a lot of their own food, selling the excess at the local farmers' market in the village.